Combining years of quizzing experience, both organising and competing, with cutting edge Information Technology, Quiz Master Shop is a totally new way to buy your quizzes. We believe that our customers should be able to choose precisely the quiz that meets their needs, rather than receiving a supplier’s weekly offering.

We have a database containing thousands of questions split into over 200 different subjects with various degrees of difficulty, all thoroughly checked and up-to-date. From these, we allow you to customise your quiz to meet your exact requirements. For each of your quizzes you can choose:

  • The precise number of rounds that you need to fit into the time you have available for a quiz.
  • The exact subjects for each of these rounds based on your clientele’s interests.
  • The correct degree of difficulty for each of these subjects, to match your customers.

This means that, in practice, you will have a quiz unique to you every time you download. [For the record, in theory you could receive the same quiz round as another customer. At the time of writing we’ve calculated the odds of this happening to be about one in one octillion – one followed by 27 zeroes!]

If you wish to be flexible, you can download your quizzes as and when you want, choosing the content as described above.

But, to make things even easier for you, you can subscribe and receive your customised quiz every week, month, or whenever you want. If you subscribe, you can express preferences on the subjects in your quiz; you can decline to receive subjects that don’t appeal, whilst getting more of the ones that you (or more importantly, your customers) really like.

So . . .

Get what you want, not what you’re given.



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